Want to store more patterns 200+

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Want to store more patterns 200+

Postby dunk8888 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:30 am

Hi all,just a quick post to share my experience with Flickerstrip,I myself have been playing around with the hardware within flickerstrip,ive updated my flash memory to a 64 Mb unit,this does require soldering etc and pulling apart the casing,this will void any warranty you have with the product so do so at your own risk!!!

On doing so you can store 200+ patterns depending of course how big each pattern is,this is a nice jump from the 20 odd you are able to store presently,this is my experience with my device,i also notice that it performs a lot smoother again this is just my experience.

Those who have never soldered i strongly suggest you leave it be or have an experienced person do it for you.

Just to note that ive not tested any flash units of greater size than 64Mb as i think 200 odd patterns is more than enough for my use,its good to know that the space is there if you need it.

The flash unit you want is winbond "W25Q64FVSIG" £3.50 ebay.
Happy Light Works :D

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